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Corepresentations of Magnetic Point Groups

Corepresentations of Magnetic Point Groups
The Corepresentations of Magnetic Point Group tables:
  • Character tables of the irreducible corepresentations of the Magnetic Point Groups
  • Matrices of the irreducible corepresentations of the Magnetic Point Groups

References. For more information about this program see the following articles:
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    1.1.11 1.2.211' 2.1.3-1 2.2.4-11' 2.3.5-1' 3.1.62 3.2.721' 3.3.82'
    4.1.9m 4.2.10m1' 4.3.11m' 5.1.122/m 5.2.132/m1' 5.3.142'/m 5.4.152/m' 5.5.162'/m'
    6.1.17222 6.2.182221' 6.3.192'2'2 7.1.20mm2 7.2.21mm21' 7.3.22m'm2' 7.4.23m'm'2 8.1.24mmm
    8.2.25mmm1' 8.3.26m'mm 8.4.27m'm'm 8.5.28m'm'm' 9.1.294 9.2.3041' 9.3.314' 10.1.32-4
    10.2.33-41' 10.3.34-4' 11.1.354/m 11.2.364/m1' 11.3.374'/m 11.4.384/m' 11.5.394'/m' 12.1.40422
    12.2.414221' 12.3.424'22' 12.4.4342'2' 13.1.444mm 13.2.454mm1' 13.3.464'm'm 13.4.474m'm' 14.1.48-42m
    14.2.49-42m1' 14.3.50-4'2'm 14.4.51-4'2m' 14.5.52-42'm' 15.1.534/mmm 15.2.544/mmm1' 15.3.554/m'mm 15.4.564'/mm'm
    15.5.574'/m'm'm 15.6.584/mm'm' 15.7.594/m'm'm' 16.1.603 16.2.6131' 17.1.62-3 17.2.63-31' 17.3.64-3'
    18.1.6532 18.2.66321' 18.3.6732' 19.1.683m 19.2.693m1' 19.3.703m' 20.1.71-3m 20.2.72-3m1'
    20.3.73-3'm 20.4.74-3'm' 20.5.75-3m' 21.1.766 21.2.7761' 21.3.786' 22.1.79-6 22.2.80-61'
    22.3.81-6' 23.1.826/m 23.2.836/m1' 23.3.846'/m 23.4.856/m' 23.5.866'/m' 24.1.87622 24.2.886221'
    24.3.896'22' 24.4.9062'2' 25.1.916mm 25.2.926mm1' 25.3.936'mm' 25.4.946m'm' 26.1.95-6m2 26.2.96-6m21'
    26.3.97-6'm'2 26.4.98-6'm2' 26.5.99-6m'2' 27.1.1006/mmm 27.2.1016/mmm1' 27.3.1026/m'mm 27.4.1036'/mmm' 27.5.1046'/m'mm'
    27.6.1056/mm'm' 27.7.1066/m'm'm' 28.1.10723 28.2.108231' 29.1.109m-3 29.2.110m-31' 29.3.111m'-3' 30.1.112432
    30.2.1134321' 30.3.1144'32' 31.1.115-43m 31.2.116-43m1' 31.3.117-4'3m' 32.1.118m-3m 32.2.119m-3m1' 32.3.120m'-3'm
    32.4.121m-3m' 32.5.122m'-3'm'

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