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TENSOR: Tensor calculation for Point Groups

For the symmetry-adapted form of magnetic crystal tensors see MTENSOR

Tensor calculation for Point Groups
TENSOR provides the symmetry-adapted form of tensor properties for any point (or space) group. On the one hand, a point or space group must be selected. On the other hand, a tensor must be defined by the user or selected from the lists of known equilibrium, linear optical, nonlinear optical and transport tensors, gathered from scientific literature. If a point or space group is defined and a known tensor is selected from the lists the program will obtain the required tensor from an internal database; otherwise, the tensor is calculated live. Live calculation of tensors may take too much time and even exceed the time limit, giving an empty result, if high-rank tensors, and/or a lot of symmetry elements are introduced.
Additionally, TENSOR can be used to derive the symmetry-adapted form of tensor properties for all the corresponding domain-related equivalent structures. To do that, it requires the specification of the space group of the structure, the parent space group and the transformation that relating the settings of both structures.

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If you are using this program in the preparation of an article, please cite it in the following form:

SV Gallego, J Etxebarria, L Elcoro, ES Tasci and JM Perez-Mato
"Automatic calcuation of symmetry-adapted tensors in magnetic and non-magnetic materials: new tool of the Bilbao Crystallographic Server". Acta Cryst. (2019) A75, 438-447

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Introduce a parent space group and a subgroup and calculate tensors of the resulting domain-related equivalent structures

    Please, enter a point group or a space group:

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Show symmetry-adapted tensors for all the point groups in standard setting
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    Build your own tensor
    - Introduce Jahn's symbol without superscripts. Examples: (1) [[V2][V2]], (2) e{V2}, (3) V2[V2]

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