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SYMMODES - Symmetry Modes

Symmetry Modes

The software package SYMMODES (Symmetry Modes) provides the necessary tools for a group-theoretical analysis of a structural phase transition. For a given group - subgroup pair G>H the program constructs the lattice of maximal subgroups relating G and H and calculates the corresponding primary and secondary modes.

SYMMODES has been developed in colaboration with H.Stokes and D.Hatch (Brigham Young University, Utah, USA).

Input Data: In order to obtain the group - subgroup lattice G>H, input or select the numbers of the group G, the subgroup H and the transformation that relates H and G.

More about the program

Please, enter the sequential numbers of group and subgroup as given in International Tables for Crystallography, Vol. A:
Enter supergroup number (G) or choose it:
Enter subgroup number (H) or choose it:
Please, define the transformation that relates the group and the subgroup bases.
Enter transformation matrix :
Rotational part
Origin Shift

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