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MTENSOR: Tensor calculation for Magnetic Point Groups

Tensor calculation for Magnetic Point Groups
    Please, enter a magnetic point group by one of these ways:

Choose a magnetic point group:

Magnetic Point Group number: Please, enter the label of the group or

Non-conventional setting

Introduce a magnetic point group by hand:

Symmetry operations:
Only a set of generators of the point group in [symmetry cards notation] is necessary

    Please, enter a tensor by one of these ways:

Choose a tensor from the list:

Show symmetry-adapted tensors for all the magnetic point groups in standard settings
(this overrides previous choices)

Select a tensor by its order and transformation properties:

Build the tensor selecting its properties (this part will be deleted):

Index                 Polar   or   Axial              inverted under 1'

Index i:                                                                         
Index j:                                                                         
Index k:                                                                        
Index l:                                                                         
Index m:                                                                       
Index n:                                                                        
Index p:                                                                        
Index q:                                                                        
Type the symmetrized or antisymmetrized distribution:
Express the result using symmetrization-induced new indexes?
Duplicate symmetrization-induced new indexes?

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