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Chains of maximal subgroups from 221 (Pm-3m) to 99 (P4mm) with index 6

Chains of subgroups ...
For each chain of maximal subgroups relating G = Pm-3m and H = P4mm with index 6, there is a set of transformation matrices (Pj, pj), where each matrix corresponds to a subgroup Hj isomorphic to H.

Click over "transformation" to see the list with the transformation matrices, obtained following the corresponding chain of maximal subgroups.

To see the contracted graph representing the chains, click on [Show contracted graph].

To view the list with different subgroups of a given type and its distribution into the classes of conjugate subgroups click over [Classify] buttons.

The program distributes the subgroups into classes by comparing directly their elements in the group basis.

N Chain [indices] Chain with HM symbols Number of
More info ...
1 221 123 099
[3 2]
Pm-3m > P4/mmm > P4mm 3 transformation...

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