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MTENSOR: Tensor calculation for Magnetic Point Groups

For the symmetry-adapted form of non-magnetic crystal tensors see TENSOR

Tensor calculation for Magnetic Point Groups
MTENSOR provides the symmetry-adapted form of tensor properties for any magnetic point (or space) group. On the one hand, a point or space group must be selected. On the other hand, a tensor must be defined by the user or selected from the lists of known equilibrium, optical, nonlinear optical susceptibility and transport tensors, gathered from scientific literature. If a magnetic point or space group is defined and a known tensor is selected from the lists the program will obtain the required tensor from an internal database; otherwise, the tensor is calculated live. Live calculation of tensors may take too much time and even exceed the time limit, giving an empty result, if high-rank tensors, and/or a lot of symmetry elements are introduced.

Further information can be found here
    Please, enter a magnetic point group or a magnetic space group:

Magnetic Point or Space Group number:   

    Please, choose a tensor by one of these ways:

    Choose a tensor from the lists
Show symmetry-adapted tensors for all the magnetic point groups in standard setting
(this overrides previous choices)

Note: those tensors which are null for the selected magnetic point or space group are coloured





    Build your own tensor
    - Introduce Jahn's symbol without superscripts. Examples: (1) [[V2][V2]], (2) a{V2}*, (3) (V2[V2])*

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